The wedding video profession continues its evolution from novelty to an industry.

Today the wedding videographer has a wide variety of professional tools at their disposal. Wedding film styles and skills have also evolved to where there are many choices for the couple seeking a wedding film to record their big day.

Can a packge be tailored to my requirements.
All our packages are flexible as each persons view on the big day is different and subjective.

Can you take stills from the Wedding Film.
Stills can be taken from the film and are done so to use for the packaging material such as covers and printing to disc. I would always advise to have both a professional videographer and photographer on the day, that way you have the best of both worlds and some brilliant memories of the big day.

Why should I pay a professional to film my wedding day?
The same way you pay a professional to take the photographers, drive the wedding cars, create the flower arrangements, but the difference with video is that it is the only item left that brings all the other services and memories back to life.

What is a ball park figure for a professional movie style Wedding Film.
Prices start from £450.00 up to being seated for dinner and from £750 plus to include the first dance.

How long will the edit after the event: a
pprox 6-12 weeks depending on the season and all information received such as music and credits in order to complete the edit

Not having a wedding film is one of the main regrets most couples have after the big day. Video is the only medium if used correctly that will let you enjoy your big day in an entertaining and emotional way time and time again.
Shrigley Hall
VW Camper Van

“We have received and watched our wedding DVD. We are made up with it”

Simon & Debbie’s Wedding took place at Shrigley Hall Hotel in Cheshire. A superb day with a great bunch of characters.

Weather varied from overcast to sunny. Two VW camper vans also attended the wedding.

" A price quote on the phone is meaningless unless relevant to your desires "

"Expect varied opinions on having a wedding film, but at the end of the day it is your choice to have your big day filmed or not. "

digitally filmed, edited and mastered for superior quality..