Marlyn Pictures offers a complete digital editing service using the Adobe range of products, such as Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. Offering a complete in-house edit system, suitable for commercial, corporate, broadcast, films, personal or social programmes.

If you require a professional looking film presentation, then our film production and digital editing service is the perfect solution. All budgets are accomodated for, with our hourly editing rates starting from just £25 per hour. All completed productions are supplied digitally and to various formats.
We also offer a graphic design service for all your promotional artwork and digital brochures with a competitive rate of just £20 per hour.

What is Video Editing
Editing is the process of curating and arranging footage captured during production in order to tell a story. Within this definition is a wide range of processes and techniques that allow the editor to craft unique and compelling narratives. Along with constructing the narrative, editing also serves the purpose of controlling the passage of time. This clarifies the message by sharpening your story telling, removing the slow sections and emphasing what we truly wish to convey.

Once these processes have been created we can then elevate one more step and leverage editing’s power to evoke emotion. Film theorists call it the Kuleshov Effect. The basic principle is that when two images are cut together, the audience will subconsiously connect the two to create meaning.

Commerical Filming